Thursday, February 26, 2015

What To Do With Knit Scraps or That Old Stained Tunic - Swiffer It!

I had to start with something cheerful and totally random. That's the birthday cake I made for a girlfriend for her 50th birthday party with an epic birthday cake candle!

I can't believe February is almost over, and today is the opening day of the sewing expo in Puyallup. My first sewing project for 2015 flopped.  (Aww. I have documented it, it's not too bad, but I didn't want my first post for the year to be a negative one, so I'm saving it for another day.)  

My sewing energy has been slow mostly due to the fact that there has been a few house projects that kept me busy. (i. e. stuff kept on breaking) As a result I'm rather cranky, not having enough time or inspiration to start a new sewing project. And then, there was the Super Bowl. (I live in Seattle....)

Well, but I don't want to stay in a funk forever. So, here's something easy and fun.

Some of you might have already guessed that I'm from Japan.  One of Japan's best inventions, I think, is this cleaning tool. Swiffer, as we know it here in US. Its original Japanese name is "Kuikkuru" (play on word, "quick"). Anyway it's great on non carpeted floors. But the refill paper cloth thingie you have to purchase is rather wasteful and can get expensive.

So my ah ha! moment came when I had my beloved but badly stained Banana Republic light weight knit long-sleeve top in beyond Goodwill-able condition. (I forgot to take the "before" photo!) 

Anyway I just cut it up.  Any light weight thin knit fabric will work.

The Swiffer base is about 10" wide so I cut it about 10 to 11 inches wide.

And it's about 4.1/2" across, so I make it about 7" because it needs to wrap
around the base.

Here, it's just the right size. It stretches anyway so it's very forgiving. It doesn't need to be the exact size.

Just be sure the fabric is stretched straight on the surface that touches the floor.

Okay, I tested it on a seemingly clean floor. Ran it once, for less than one minute.

Eek. Really? Was the floor that dirty?  You can lightly brush the dust off into the trash and use it some more, and toss it when it's 'dirty'. That's what I do.  If you are a real hard-core recycler, I guess you can wash them for reuse.

One tunic yielded 10 Swiffer "sheets" and a leftover piece which I can use for dusting or for any cleaning purposes.

Obviously you can do the same with some leftover light weight knit fabric you may have.

I recently heard that fashion/sewing industry is one of the most wasteful industries. (Yeah, all that scraps that we can't really make anything with, and all that RTW consumerism.)  So I'd like to do what I can. I love finding ways to minimize waste, making useful things from useless things.

Ok, I'm off to the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup in the morning! (Unfortunately, the only day I can go this year. So, I'll make the best of it!) 

Happy sewing and creating! 

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