Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Cool Hot Summer Dress: Simplicity 9002

I made this dress actually last August.  That's right, August, 2014. I considered it to be a flop, so it remained unblogged. 

Beautiful high grade vintage cotton I received from someone who was giving away her late mother's sewing supplies. I absolutely loved this cotton (feels like a premium Japanese cotton) and I wanted to be sure I made something that I could enjoy for a long time with it.  I can't remember where the white fabric came from, but was in my stash, and a perfect match for the main brown fabric.

Sewed with a tiny narrow orange ribbon for the skirt portion of the dress.

The pattern I used was a vintage-ish (believe it's from the 80's or the 70's. Can't believe 80's almost qualifies as vintage. Agh!)

I really like the way these two fabrics worked out well together.

No zipper closure.  Just slip on and off. 

Nice deep pockets.  Very practical. Since I've mainly been sewing knits, I'd forgotten how nice and easy to sew with 100% cotton woven fabric. Also, it feels SOOOOOO nice against my skin. 100% natural fiber next to my skin on a hot summer day is like heaven, freedom, and simply delicious. 

I made size 10 based on the measurements on the pattern instructions, however, it was way too big and I had to adjust the bodice a bit to fit me better.  It is meant to be loose-fitting but it just felt so huge that I made a little adjustment/embellishment on the back.

A cute vintage button with a little loop, hoping that it will make the dress look a little more 'fitted'. But it didn't do much for that.  Nevertheless, it is a darling button and I love it!

Here is the close-up shot of this adorable button!

On the photos, it doesn't look so huge, but trust me. It looks ginormous on me. Especially from the back. I've gone back and forth about just cutting it and making the skirt part narrower, but since I've cut and adjusted the bodice a couple of times, it couldn't be any shorter than how it is now.  I only wore it two times last summer. It sat in my closet for a year.

Seattle has been experiencing unusually HOT summer this year. (Really. Usually, summer for us doesn't arrive until at least July 5. This year, it came in mid June!!) So, I took it out and wore it.  I decided that I really like this dress.  It is so comfortable.  The fabric feels so nice.  I will definitely make another version, and this time I will make the skirt less wide. (so it won't end up looking like a maternity dress!)

Do you have a project that you considered to be a flop, and later liking it? 
What are you all sewing this summer?

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