Friday, November 15, 2013

Style Arc Linda Stretch Pants, Done.

It took a looooooooooong time. Mostly because I didn't have much dedicated sewing time. I had 15 minutes here, 30 minutes there, no time at all for a week, etc. (sigh) But Style Arc Linda Stretch Pants were very simple and easy to make. I used size 6, which turned out nearly perfect as far as the fit is concerned. I am right in between their sizing 6 and 8. This was with stretch fabric, so it was very forgiving.  

The pink  top I'm wearing is Simplicity 2283 that I made this summer. I tell you. The yoke on this was really tricky. I couldn't understand the instructions. My mother who happened to be visiting when I was making this also had trouble and she had to ignore the instructions and just figured it out. She is an experienced sewer. Oops, I just confessed that I didn't even finish the top myself. My mother rescued me on this one.

Back to the Linda Pants. I first bought the fabric on right in photo here. It's a two-way stretch cotton/poly blend, a little shiny satiny finish of Anna Sui.  It's beautiful. I don't know the name of this fabric. The fabric is stiff so I think it will hold the pants shape well.

But I thought I would make something a little more casual for everyday wear, and also make it a 'rehearsal run' with a less expensive fabric. The one on left.  It's also cotton/poly blend but it's a four-way stretch of much softer knit jersey.

The result was a super duper comfy pair of pants! I love them.  Style Arc patterns are made of quality paper, a bit thicker than the tissue papers used by Big Four.  Style Arc patterns give minimal instructions, assuming you have basic knowledge of sewing garments.  These pants are simple enough that the lack of detailed instructions wasn't an issue for me. Also, the patterns include narrower seam allowance of 3/8" than the typical 5/8"of Big Four patterns. I serged to finish the seams, so I gave just a bit more seam allowance than 3/8" when cutting the fabric.

I decided to add cuffs.

The Linda Stretch Pants are SO comfortable.  This fabric ended up working out perfectly. I love the color, I love how it feels against my skin, I love the stretch, it's so comfortable. (Did I say it's like wearing pajamas?!)  I'd love to make more with other colors of this fabric, but unfortunately this was the only color they had. I think I will look for more 4-way stretch cotton knit jersey fabric like this one to make more pairs of Linda Pants. I'm in love. Next time I fly on a long flight, I'm definitely wearing these. It's THAT comfortable.

And, here is the sheet blouse top on me.

Hmm. I'd like it to be a little more fitted.  But I love the neckline and the sleeves.

Oh, well. After all it was a dress, it was just a practice, and I made it with an old sheet. Good enough. It was Simplicity 3533 dress pattern.

 It's comfortable.

Oh, and on the Linda Pants,  if I were to change anything, the waist band position felt just a little bit too high for me.  I like the pants to be just a little bit more low-waist.  Perhaps I will make the hip to waist 2 inches shorter next time.  Oh, I should have had the photo of the waist band and where it sits.

My photographer was getting inpatient and he called it quits before I was ready! Here he is. My photographer. My cutie pie son, making fun of me trying to strike a pose during the photo shoot.

So right now, I think I'm in love with Style Arc patterns. Anybody out there who also love Style Arc? Which pattern is your favorite? How many garments of the same pattern did you make?

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