Friday, November 8, 2013

Sheet Dress Turns Sheet Top

I can't believe how the time slipped by.  Does this ever happen to you? Well, I hate to admit it, but it does quite a bit to me these days.

Ok, the sheet dress was just a practice, right?  While I waited for my Style Arc patterns to arrive, I thought I'd brush up my sewing skills. I also wanted this to be a recycled project. The fabric I used is formerly a bed sheet.

Here it is.

In this picture above, it hadn't been hemmed but it's basically done.  A very simple pull-on casual dress. No zipper. It is lined.

It came out fine. The sleeves and neckline are looking nice, too.

BUT. When I tried it on, it didn't look so good on me.

Maybe with this shrug, it will be ok?

Maybe with a belt?

Not really, not on me. The length isn't right for me. The shape of the skirt isn't right for me. I'm very picky about what I put on myself.  If it doesn't compliment my figure, it's a no go even if I love the outfit, color, the fabric, the way it looks on a hanger.  But I love the scoop neck, and the fit around the shoulders to the bust was really good.  So, I decided to cut it short and make it a top. I also made it a little more fitted by taking in about 5/8" on both sides.

This photo without the use of flash shows closer to the real color.

I'll have to post a photo of me actually wearing it when my son is around so he can take some photos for me.

My sewing rehearsal is done.  The Style Arc patterns have actually arrived (a while ago!!), and I'm actually nearly done with the first pair of pants. More later~!


  1. Looks nice! I think I have that sheet. It's a little shiny/silky, right?

    1. Oh, yes. Just slightly silky/shiny. How funny, you have the same sheet!

  2. I loved the design as soon as I saw it!