Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saved Piano Lamps

I have two piano lamps.  One, regular contemporary kind, and the other is a vintage find that I got more than 20 years ago. This one is particularly cute with treble clef motif. 

They both broke around the same time. I was bummed. I just left them broken for a long time. Couldn't bare the thought of ditching the vintage one, especially.  But I really needed, at least one piano lamp to be functioning. So, I thought I'd just get a new one.

Stunned. Didn't know that piano lamps cost that much. Then, it occurred to me........  Maybe I can fix them. (Duh~) I knew it wasn't the bulb. I've already bought a new bulb and put it on, but both lamps still didn't work. Soooooo, maybe the socket.

I happen to drive by a specialty lamp store in my neighborhood, stopped by, asked them about a replacement socket -- of course they had it.  Bought two, plus one more light bulb = $8.  Got home, and 5 minutes later, oh, my.  Both of my piano lamps were fixed. Was so simple. The socket connected to the switch screwed right off and on.  Can't believe I almost threw them both away. Shame on me.

This was shortly after I found my first vintage Singer 15-91, Tami. My brain was getting rewired and shifting in the reuse & recycle mode from the previous, "use, dump, and get a new one."

Not only I began collecting vintage sewing machines, I renewed my attraction to and appreciation for old, well-built stuff.  It horrifies me that even for a few days, I was seriously going to put the perfectly fine piano lamps in the garbage can! (Especially the treble clef one! Can you imagine?!) They just had broken sockets from years of constant use that needed replacing....... Simple.  My mindset is now reset.

My treble clef piano lamp sits on top of a piano, and the other ordinary looking piano lamp helps me on my sewing desk.

It's actually really nice to have extra light coming from behind sewing machine when I sew.


  1. Those are beautiful lamps. You are right...older things are better constructed. Your singer sewing machine is also a jewel.

  2. Thank you, Michelle and Deborah. Who knew, an encounter with an old sewing machine would change the way I view the world.......

  3. I'm glad to hear you were able to fix your piano lamps! They look so lovely! I especially love the one with the treble clef. It looks so unique! I think I'd love to by some piano lamps for myself in the near future.

    1. Indeed, the one with the treble clef is a very sweet one and I love it. I was lucky to find it at a vintage shop years ago. I'm glad I was able to fix it! I hope you'll find a unique piano lamp for yourself. Thanks for stopping by!