Wednesday, October 2, 2013

The Flower Power Bag - Now Fully Lined and Still Improv & Improving

Ok, so I told you I really liked this daisy fabric.

This one is going to be for me.  I suddenly become *picky*.  I'm still wanting it to be an improv sewing project. I'm too lazy at this point to measure anything.  Besides, I have a limited supply of these fabrics left. In fact, I think there is just barely enough to make one more with this daisy fabric. No screw up is allowed.

So, it took TWICE AS LONG compared to the other same style bags I've made. Well, partly because I added a few new features. This is not to say that I didn't care about the outcome of other bags that I made for others. I just became more nervous that the user (me!) of this bag was going to be the Picky Micki. Is that selfish or what?! Ok, but I got over it in 2 minutes.

See the top doesn't line up because I didn't measure anything. That's totally ok. Just cut it to make it a straight line.

Anyway, as I began to make the bag, I realized that the accent fabric is too thin for the purpose I intended it for. Perhaps next time I should use some interfacing. (light bulb moment) It was too late for this one, I've already sewn it on and got moving on it.

But it's not too late to put a lining~!!

"Well, it's kinda cumbersome."
"It'll look nice if you put one in."
"Nahhh, I'd have to measure and everything."
"No, just ad-lib it. It'll be fine. That's the whole point, right? Improv!"
"But I want it to look nice!"
"Oh, stop it! It doesn't need to be perfect!"
"But I'll be the one using it and I want it to be perfect."
"Shut up. You are making something SOOOO elementary and simple. It'll be fine even without measuring or anything. Just go for it."

It was a nice conversation. My right brain and my left brain.

Off I went. I chose this butter-yellow with black/brown checkered fabric for the lining, laid it on the table then I put the bag-in-progress on top, got the rough measurement and cut the fabric.

I confess, I did measure the width of the top of the bag and the bottom of the bag since when the outer bag was done it didn't look like it was a perfect rectangular shape. But I kinda like this bucket shape. Ohhhhh, shoot, but I wanted to carry a binder book in the bag. Is it large enough?!  It was! I also measured the bottom to be sure the lining will fit. (common sense, right?)

Is it going to...... fit?

Well, I had to adjust it a couple of times, but it fit.

Lining up the lining and the outer bag. No ironing, just pins.

And, here~!

 I made a similar one earlier for Emily. Do you like the little name tag I added? My first try at free-motion....

Next on deck, I'm thinking about this combo. Since I ran out of the soft canvas, I bought some real canvas. This one is going to be a real heavy duty bag. The accent fabric is a kitchen towel I bought a while ago that I've forgotten about. It sat new and unused on the bottom of the drawer. Just found it and I thought, 'perfect'. Hmmm, which sewing machine should I take out for this baby?


  1. Good job! I LOVE using what I have. Rarely do I go to the store to buy fabric for a project. I shop from my stash, which I have a LOT of. I like to shop the thrift stores and when I see something I like, I buy it, because if I like it, eventually I will use it for something!

  2. Hey Micki, Please go to your settings and add your email address so when you comment, people can email you back privately if they like, and correspond through email. Right now, you are a no-reply blogger. If you need help, click the 'email me' button on my sidebar, and I will guide you through it. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I just emailed you. I'm still new at this and navigating through the world of google and bolgger, learning as I go.... Thanks for your patience.