Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Home (Janome) Sewing Machine

My dear friend, Jeri Beri, was at my house for our monthly Art Journal group meeting. "I've got something for you," she said as soon as she came in the door.  She solicited a couple of others to help her unload this "something" from her car. What could it be?? I hope it's not too big.

OMG! this beautiful, but a bit browning green box was carried in.

 This did weigh a zillion ton. The whole box is solid wood with wall paper-ish thing covering, and the only "fake" thing was the handle which was plastic trying to look like leather.

Unveiling her.  Ta-da~!
By looking at the box, I'd expected to see a well-used, an old nondescript New Home sewing machine, and I was going to have to sort of fake my excitement.  BUUUUUUUT.  Look at her! It took my breath away.  I screamed with joy. Then, I actually tried to stay cool, as I was the only one in the group who had this condition called vintage sewing machine fanatic syndrome. She even came complete with a red spool of thread, matching her accent color!

Impeccably clean, inside out. I opened her top, side, and the bottom to confirm that she's never been used. It sat in someone's closet for years with the case lid tightly shut. I did not have to clean her at all.  She was thirsty for sure.

I was going to look her up to see who made it. But no need. It was on her, in fact all over her. I haven't seen many badged Japanese machines with the actual manufacturer's name so clearly written on it. She is a Janome machine! Even the manual - the inside was all Janome with the warranty card addressed to Janome. This New Home machine was openly Janome.

She really was new. This pretty two-tone green tin was a true treasure chest.  Love that the handle of the screw drivers is wood.  And the color matching seam ripper.  I'd drool over just for the tin! How anyone could buy this pretty machine and never used it is a mystery to me.
I only test sewed her for a little bit. Have not sewed any project on her yet. When I tested her, she sewed beautifully except when I fed thick fabric, (like 6 layers of thick woven or 3 layers of denim) she hesitated and I had to help her manually with the hand wheel. I experienced the same with other Japanese machines of this era. Is that one of the characteristics of these, or am I just not using the right foot or something?  Maybe I'll sew on her the green dress I just cut the fabric for. That seems appropriate. Green on green.

Beautiful straight and zig-zag stitches. Feed dogs can drop, too. What more would you need? Well, maybe a free-arm, but not absolutely necessary.

I think I will now call her Jeri Bee.


  1. Wow! What a gift! Now how did I miss this post? Have fun with her! She is a beauty.

    1. Thanks, Michelle! Yes, indeed. She is so fun to play with. So smooth, solid, and quiet. Doesn't vibrate even for a millimeter.