Monday, October 7, 2013

Style Arc, I found you

I've been looking for patterns that I can really connect with. Over and beyond McCall's, Simplicity, even Vougue and Burda.  Style Arc! I found you! I think this is totally my kind of style. I'm setting aside, for now, a growing pile of vintage patterns I was going to tackle.

I LOVE this one. I love cardigans to begin with.

This is such a cute tunic style top.

I looked for reviews and pics of actual project people have made. I'm convinced. I have to do this.

I learned to sew when I was very young, and I sewed off and on all my life. But I never got have yet to get to the level of an expert or advanced sewer.  Never sewed often enough. I've made pajamas, aprons, and bags in my teens, some of my own clothes in my 20's, my kids' clothes and Halloween costumes in my 30's on.  Besides the home-ec class and learning from my mother when I was a kid, I have never taken a sewing class.  I guess I would consider myself as an "advanced beginner" or "beginning intermediate" sewer.  Now, can I pull off these beautiful designs of Style Arc patterns?

Look at all these. Just so inspiring, and I want to make them NOW.

This, not only looks beautiful, but looks super comfy. Wide waist band, pull-on pants for stretch woven?!
Oh, and this!
Wait!  This one says "Challenging" and for "Experienced Sewist"......  mmmmm, I've learned to set the kids up for a success when I teach. Basically, 'set a realistic goal, and feel good, so you will do more next time'.  Since I'm teaching myself to be a better sewer, I'm my own student. Go easy and be patient, yes?

Perhaps I should look in the "easy" and "beginners" category first. Ok, maybe I'll start with this.

Or even this one. Looks like this can be a very flattering pair.  I don't quite get why this one is easy and the other pair above is moderate in difficulty. But I'll trust them.

Lately, I've been getting this uncontrollable urge to make my own clothes, the kind of clothes I love to wear that I can't really find in the RTW market (at a reasonable price).  Sure, I've seen some amazing, awesome stuff at an Italian import boutique here in the city where there is an extra -0- at the end of every price tag, and in fascinating Tokyo boutiques where it would cost $1,500 in airfare just to get there. 

Here on my blog, I publicly announce that, with making baby but steady steps, I aim to become a confident sewist who can evaluate the pattern design that would suit me, and can choose appropriate fabric for the design, and can sew it successfully so that I will actually LOVE the stuff I make and I will actually WEAR the stuff I make.  ----- can I actually achieve this? I'd like to....  Yes, I will! Well, maybe I will. Over time. Perhaps.

I'm going back to the Style Arc website now to make my first purchase.  

Oh, over the weekend I did make two bags. (one of which I forgot to take a photo and I've already given it to the birthday girlfriend)

and finished the light knit top on which I got to test my new serger. (wooooow, I'll introduce her sometime soon)

My sewing studio was nice and sunny. A happy time was had by all.
 I'll be back with the final decision on which Style Arc pattern I choose as my first Style Arc project.

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