Friday, December 20, 2013

Aloha ~! Improv Bag for Pineapple Sam

Another improv bag.
This bag's dimensions were dictated by the picture pattern of the fabric. I usually have the colorful fabric part in the middle to be a lot narrower, but this one, I couldn't cut it any narrower than this for the obvious reason.

This fabric is a fat quarter (newly learned quilter lingo!) that I got from a quilter when I bought an Elna machine from her a few months ago (well, I promise to talk about the machine on another post).  I would have made the pocket on the other side a little bigger if I had more fabric.

This bag is for Pineapple Sam. Pineapple Sam is from Hawaii. He is a vintage Hawaiian and Pacific Islands  music collector.  His dad, Bill Akamuhou, was a renowned musician in the 40's~50's primarily performing in Honolulu. He recorded and cut some albums.  You can sample listen a couple of his songs here - these two songs are available on this mainstream site.

The interesting thing about all this is that no one really knows how many records are out there that contain his songs. Sometimes Pineapple Sam buys a record without even knowing that it contains Bill Akamuhou's song until he reads the liner notes. It's nice that his music continues to live on and be loved even though he is no longer with us on this planet. 

This is Bill.

Pineapple Sam knows a ton about Hawaiian music from the era. He said he also hung around the musicians who played with his dad as he went to rehearsals and performances with his dad. What a gift, growing up around musicians! So much fun. 

Here is another photo of Bill Akamuhou with his fellow musicians. 

Anyway, Pineapple Sam collects old vinyls. LPs. (Younglings out there, do you know what those are? I guess they are making a comeback these days.) The bag is wide enough to carry LPs. His records and CD collection habit is just as bad as my vintage sewing machine collection habit.

The applique for this bag, of course, is a pineapple!

I chose a lighter colored canvas for this bag to really accentuate the sky and ocean blue color of the fabric. The canvas fabric is from the Zero Landfil event. I made the bag simple and clean looking because the focal point of this bag really is the picture of the beautiful Diamond Head and the surrounding ocean and sky blue.

 Pineapple Sam and me in Hawaii.

 Pineapple Sam DJs a vintage Hawaiian music show once a month on the radio. The first Sunday of every month, 5-7pm Pacific Time, on KSER 90.7FM.

You can stream online at  from anywhere either live or you can even listen to the program now. It's on the archive tab on the website above. The program is called "Da Coconut Wireless". It is on every Sunday, but their DJs rotate, and play different types of Hawaiian music. If you want to listen to some nice vintage Hawaiian nostalgia, look for the first Sunday of the month program that is hosted by Pineapple Sam!



  1. That's a very pretty bag, and your friend will love it. I sure do remember vinyl records. You can buy turntables at Radio Shack. Your friend is going to love the bag. I like the pineapple shaped applique!