Saturday, March 15, 2014

Style Arc Adele Top, Done

This was meant to be a muslin-turned-quite-wearable.  By looking at the drawings on the pattern envelope, I knew the neckline wasn't going to be right for me. 

I have a relatively short neck, and wide lower jawline. I try hard to avoid anything that has a high neckline, turtleneck included, and even regular shirt collar look odd on me, so I hardly ever wear shirts with standing collar. I pulled out Style Arc Susan Top pattern and traced the neckline, but raised up by 1" and incorporate it into the Adele top.   Here is the Susan Top.

The Susan top's neckline worked out so well for me, but for the Adele tunic design, I thought the Susan top's scoop neckline was a bit too much.  Also, Adele is a tunic, and for a 5'1" person, the "standard"  length is always an issue.

Anyhow, I picked a not-so-great quality polyester knit fabric from my stash to sacrifice for the muslin. While I was picking the fabric from my stash, I noticed an old tunic that is torn with the very narrow seam allowance therefore unfixable and unwearable, but I kept because I liked the fabric.
That's when I got inspired, and my creative energy just began bubbling up. I decided to forget this was meant to be a muslin, and just decided to have fun with it!

Here is the result.  I'm pretty happy with the neckline, both the neckline height adjustment and the embellishment I added.  Also got carried away and added a faux scarf look.

Many ways to wear.  Like this, first.

Both tails in front.

Or, to the back.

Tie a little bow.

Slightly closer look here.

This is what I did.  Take the original neckband with the main fabric. Cut the embellishment fabric larger than the neckband.  

Stitch the embellishment fabric onto the main fabric, but with a lot more embellishment fabric loosely gathered here and there.  In retrospect, I could have had a lot more loose gather. That would have made the affect more interesting. 

Anyway, the looser and more sloppy it looks, the better and more interesting result it brings. How easy is that?!

Here is the finished neckband with the faux scarf.

I stitched two pieces of " faux scarf" pieces into the neckband.

They lay like this.

I decided to do the same for the sleeves.

The actual color of the main fabric is a lot darker. It's teal.

By the way, a little sewing tip, trick, whatever you may want to call it.  This is helpful, I think, if you are not sure if your cutting line is completely straight and therefore can't count on the consistent seam allowance width would give you the correct stitch line.  Perhaps you had to adjust the stitch line for sizing so that you can no longer count on the seam allowance width as a stitch guide. Or, if you are like me, you'd rather mark the stitch line so that you know that is the exact line you need to sew.  And, especially if you are working with slippery fabric without an aid of walking foot or anything fancy like that.

Baste the stitch line first so that the pieces are together and there is a less chance of fabrics slipping. (or so that you could try on the garment before you do the final stitching).

When you are ready to give it a final, real stitch, pin outside the stitch line on the seam allowance so that the fabrics won't slip. 

Undo the first couple of inches of basting stitch.  (You could stitch over the basing stitch, but it will be harder to undo the basting stitch.) 

Mark the stitching line where there is no longer basting stitch.


When you catch up to the basting stitch, repeat the process. 

I first saw the above on facebook.  I traced the source, and found that you could order a t-shirt with this art! At redbubble.  Isn't that cute!?

Well, it was meant to be a muslin, but quite wearable and I kind of like it.

I shortened the length by 1.5".  Or was that 2"??

Due to the fabric (100% polyester - not my favorite) it clings on a bit.  The armhole was a bit too tight as you can see.  I'll make it wider next time I make this top.  I'd like to make it with a comfortable fabric.  I will definitely keep the lower neckline, and I may add a colorful neckband like this again.

Are you sewing? I'm a bit frustrated lately that I don't find enough time to sew.  Patience, I tell myself. I try to do something to make a progress in my sewing project even if I only have 15 minutes.  All the fabrics I bought at the Sewing Expo are staring at me as I stare at them.  Patience.


  1. Yes, I know what it is like to WANT to sew but not be able to sit down for a few hours. But inch by inch.... Fifteen minutes at the time and you have a cute top to show for it! Like your up cycling.

    1. I'm actually amazed how much can get done in the increments of 15 minutes if I keep my patience and not get frustrated that I can't go on longer than 15 minutes!

  2. Great way to reuse some fabric you love from the other shirt. Nice pattern combination and making it work for your frame and body. I usually forget about scale because i am 5'5" with lone arms and legs, just tall enough to make the patterns work for me.

    1. You are so lucky that the patterns are made for your frame. I'm jealous!