Saturday, March 1, 2014

Sewing and Stitchery Expo 2014

Well, what do you know. It's happening in my neck of the woods.  Puyallup, which is just 40 miles south of Seattle.

I originally intended to sign up for some classes, thinking I'll go at least 2, if not 3 days of the Expo.  But it turned out that I could only go on Friday, and I had to be back to Seattle by 5:30.  So I decided to just go for the day and enjoy it and not cram up my day with classes. My friend, Jillian, and I headed down south after we dropped off our kids to school Friday morning!

I knew I mostly wanted to look at fabrics. One of the first booths we found was this Billie's Designer Fabrics. It's a business from Chehalis, Washington. About 100 miles south of Seattle, a small town.

OMG! They had the best stuff.  All quality, designer and designer grade fabrics, at an amazing prices.  I asked them if these were the "expo special" prices. They said, the discounted ones are, and it shows the percentage but it also listed their regular prices, and that IS their regular price at their store.  AaaaaaMaaaaaZiiiiing.

I've found a hard-to-find (why? I don't know. But it's true.) cotton/poly/lycra medium weight knit fabric in black/dark gray. I squealed and bought 5 yards of it, and so did Jillian. I will make the Style Arc Linda Pants again with this fabric for sure, and there is plenty to make some kind of a jacket/cardi/top.  Here is also a remnant 2 yards of Ana Sui polyester knit in chocolate brown. Beautiful. 
Here are the ladies at Billie's Designer Fabrics busily working. Cutting, calculating, answering questions, etc. I ended up buying a couple of more remnants, plus I found Ana Sui stretch woven I once bought and  LOVED but the project I used it flopped (sob, sob) and I couldn't find it anymore. It was here~! Bought some so I can finally make pants with it.
What a great shop. Seriously.  I saw some things here that I've previously bought elsewhere for more than double the price.  I highly recommend these guys.  If you are still going to the expo today or tomorrow, be sure to visit them in the Pavilion.

There was this The Wool House from California.  Absolutely gorgeous wool fabrics! I wasn't in the market for this type of fabrics right now, so I just oooo'ed and ahhhh'ed over their stuff, and moved on.

My friend Jillian is newly enrolled in the fashion design program at Seattle Central Community College. (yup, they have a great program there)  She's been wanting a good dress form.  She found one here, and took one home! A full body one with the legs!

We were all given a good size pink bag at the gate. I didn't have any problem filling it quickly.  haha.

I would say that it's definitely quilting and crafts heavy as far as the vendor numbers are concerned. 
Do you see the Hawaiian quilt patterns on the wall there? I love those.
These were way too cute.  Felted pin cushions.

Gorgeous fibers for weaving.

Incidentally, I have just bought my first lingerie patten the night before. It's Gertie's, Butterick 6031.

So, when I found a vendor with all kinds of little things, I was thrilled, and bought these.

Then, there was booth.  Breathtakingly beautiful fabrics. I am a HUGE lover of knits. They had knits, knits, and more knits, and all so gorgeous. 

Cool Combos were also SO fun. I almost bought some, but had to exercise self-control -- decided not to get any UNLESS I had specific plans for the fabrics I was buying.

I felt like a kid in a candy store.  A women in a fabric store~!

More fun bundles of beauty!

It's so nice to see actual garments sewn with the fabrics they sell. They had the Butterick and Vogue pattern catalogs there also, so you could see the patterns that these are made of.
I find it fascinating how the two-dimensional translates into a beautiful three-dimensional garment. I usually have such a hard time picturing that in my mind.

I ended up buying these two fabrics.  Both knit, of course!
Absolutely gorgeous fabrics.  Everything they have is. All the staff there were wearing their own creations of the fabrics offered there.  Beautiful and inspiring.

Then, there was the style show by the Tilton sisters! These Style Shows are so much fun.

Wow, hey, I have just bought the pattern for this outfit the night before also! Can't wait to make mine. 
It's hard to see, but the sleeves have an interesting cut line. It's Butterick 5961.

This one was apparently made with a painter's drop cloth!  Expand your horizons-!

What was most amazing was that at one point, three different garments made for three different sizes using different types of fabrics, but from the SAME pattern were shown side by side. They looked completely different, and each beautiful! I was actually so mesmerized that I forgot to take pictures.  That was so inspiring and educational.

The best part of the day was that I met up with three other RTW Fasting sisters at the Style Show.  We've only known each other online for the last couple of months! It was great to meet them in person. We are all doing RTW (ready-to-wear) fast this year, dedicating our attention to sewing our own clothes rather than shopping already made garments. (We still shop fabrics~!)
Chris, me, Beth, and Leslie. All from Washington State, but from different areas.

And with the ever so inspiring our sewing celebrities, Marcy and Katherine Tilton.

It's good for me to RTW Fast. It forces to me to practice more garment sewing. I'm loving it.
And, therefore.......

I do have plans for all the fabrics I bought today. Really. Promise.

I label all my fabrics as soon as I bring them home. I write down the fabric content, the yardage, the price, where, and when I bought it. I attach the tag with a little safety pin.

All in all, a great day at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo.  I'll be better planned and organized next year so that I can take some classes!


  1. What a great review of the Sew Expo! You took so many terrific photos and now I'm wishing that I would have taking tons more! The highlight for me was definitely meeting you ladies as well and now I'm feeling even more inspired to enjoy this RTW fasting year and strive to be a better sewist! I'm so glad you told me about the Billie's booth as well. That one and Vogue fabrics got my vote for best prices and terrific variety. Can't wait till next year!

    1. Yes, it was really great to meet you and the other Washington State RTW fasters at the expo! I may make a 'field trip' out to Chehalis just to go to the Billie's Designer Fabrics store before next year's expo! Oh, wait, that's after I use up all the fabrics I bought at the expo, plus all the ones in my stash.....

  2. It looks like you did well. I went last year and purchased fabric kai scissors, vintage buttons and french lace. In a way I was glad it was quilt and craft heavy because it would have been harder to stay on budget. I hope to go next year and maybe take a class.

    1. So true! If it were garment centric expo, I would have been in real trouble! Let me know if you end up going next year. We can connect!