Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Montgomery Ward - Post WWII Japanese Clone



It was looking pretty to begin with so you probably won't notice much difference in Before and After. 

It was just a bit dusty inside. After cleaning and oiling, it's making some beautiful stitch. Another gift from Jeri who also gifted me the beautiful green Janome/New Home machine.

It's a Montgomery Ward badged Japanese clone of Singer class 15 machine. Made probably in the 1950's. 

Looks just like the Singer 15-91 I have

Even over here. Almost exactly the same as Singer 15-91  

One difference is that the bobbin cover plate is hinged and pops open rather than slide to open. I like this. 

Also, presser foot pressure adjustment is literally a snap. 

Feed dogs drop. Handy for free motion or darning. 

There's no mention as to which Japanese sewing machine manufacturer made this machine. But there's a sticker underneath that days "RSMCO Model R100".  I wonder if that is Riccar Sewing Machine Co. 

I never thought I'd be interested in a 15 clone since I already had a 'real' Singer 15, and the real thing us better than a copy, right?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. It's mighty strong with the 1.5 amp motor. 

Test run revealed a strong steady sew going from a flat two-layer denim over the jean seam on both sides (so that's like eight ~ ten layers total) and back down on the two-layer. No problem. (Note: the yellow thread is the original jean hem. Red and white from this machine, upper and lower threads) I didn't even have to adjust the tensions. 

I love these beautiful stitch these vintage straight stitch only sewing machines make. This one is as beautiful as the stitch my Singer 15-91 makes. 

Here is more about post WWII Japanese clones.   It's from Ed Lamoureux's Vintage Sewing Machines blog. I agree, this is an amazing machine. By the way, when I first started collecting vintage sewing machines, I read and learned a lot from Ed's blog.  I still do. 
Do you have one of these Japanese clone machines? How do you like it?

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