Saturday, January 23, 2016

NY, Snow, and Mood

This beautiful art piece welcomed us at the airport.

It was nice and sunny the first day. We aren't here purely for vacation. We had some 'business' to take care of.  We were hoping to catch a show or two if we had time in the evening. Love musicals.  Nothing else was in my plan. Shopping? Forget it. Fabric shopping? No, not this time. No time. 
Our 'business' took us to an area where I began seeing lots of fabric stores...... then I realized that we were just a block from the heart of the garment district! Our appointment ended an hour early. So, off I went.  Saw several shops. Paron Fabrics was one of them.  Bolts and bolts of fabrics.

I thought I'd just check one more place. Mood Fabrics. What kind of a sewist am I if I don't even visit Mood while in NY?

This cutie greeted us at the door.

Again, and as expected, bolts and bolts of fabrics. But here, everything was organized and categorized.  Floors of fabrics.

Since I came here with no plans whatsoever, I headed for knits, that is my go-to fabric. Love to sew and wear knits. Well, there wasn't a knit section.  There was the wool knit section, rayon knit section, poly knit section, etc. all on separate floors!

These are not knits.  Beautiful wool blend woven. I really loved the brown/black dots fabric. But since I didn't have any plans for it, I left it behind.

Exercising extreme self-control, I came out Mood with only two pieces of fabric.

Mmmmm, these colors are just not right.  Gray rayon ponte in front, and black/purple textured wool/poly blend knit, more like a sweater knit.

The color is closer to this one here. Dark black with purple. I'd love to make a tunic with this.

And, rayon ponte. It's more charcoal grey than the photo. It really is yummy. I plan on making pants, much like Style Arc Linda. 

We had another appointment today in the same area, so I almost didn't buy any fabric, thinking I'd return today. Then again, I remembered my old rule in shopping while traveling -- Trust your gut feeling.  Get it when you see it. I'm so glad I did! Because.....

Here is today!

Can't believe it snowed this much! Last time I saw this much snow was when I was on a mountain skiing. And, it's not stopping.

My underdressed son - he's plenty warm with wool clothing but no shell for wind and snow! - (well, I did warn him that there was snow forecast when he was packing, but you know about teenagers and jackets), but the umbrella came in VERY handy.

Broadway is shut down, there is a travel ban in the city, subway is running on a limited schedule. We did make it to the appointment (Wow!) But we had to bag our plan to go to the Chelsea market or to a museum to see Klimt, or to see a show. Nothing stayed open anyway. Instead, we hurried home after the appointment.

Our flight home tomorrow is canceled. Brooklyn Tabernacle canceled their services tomorrow morning. (Any choir fans out there? Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is beyond awesome. My choir sings their songs occasionally, so I was looking forward to hearing them live. Aw, so sad.)

So glad I brought my new knitting project. I didn't get started on my flight over, so I shall now. Besides, I got to write a blog post.  It has been, how many months?! (Life...)  If you live in the northeast US, stay warm and have a wonderful snowed-in sewing and knitting time.

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  1. Well, I guess you haven't posted in a long time! I couldn't email you back because your blog is set to noreply and I lost your email address. Thanks for checking in!!!