Monday, August 31, 2015

Cardi McCall's 6844, V. 3

It's McCall's 6844 again. Third time I made this pattern. The version 1 I made was a light weight sweater knit, and I wear it quite often.  This one is a light weight silk blend sweater knit.
The length is between A and B on the pattern.  I took the usual 2" waist petite adjustment, and cut the hem on the line for B, then shortened it to my liking.  I omitted the interfacing on the collar this time.

I made it to go with my M6559 dress.  Since it's a silk blend, it's perfect for cool evening breeze of the Pacific Northwest summer and early fall days. 

Turn the collar inside for a bit different look.

In retrospect, I think it looks better with a t-shirt and jeans. Like my other versions (there is actually an unblogged V. 2), this one is going to get a lot of wear. Love the feel of the silk blend in the fabric, and how it hangs casually.

Think it's perfect with this RTW top. 

Happy sewing. 

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