Thursday, April 3, 2014

Many Ways To Wear : McCall's 6844, Done.

Now I understand what all the hype was about.  I admit, the photo on the envelop looks very cute. But it wasn't just the photo. This pattern is excellent in many ways.

By the way, I made View A with the length somewhere between View A and B. I took the Petite length adjustment. The final hem length ended up about 4 inches shorter than regular View B length. I didn't make the peplum option as I didn't think it would look good on me, but it sure looks fun if you like peplum.

First of all, do you see those PINK dots?! "EASY", "PETITE".  To me, these are the two sexiest words they could put on the pattern envelopes. I'm sold. A great marketing ploy. I fall for it every time!

Alright, the pattern is great.  But I'm so proud of the type of fabric I chose this time. It was an excellent choice. Very light weight sweater knit. Cotton/poly with a little lycra.  White/blue with silver lame thread running through.  (Now, it's lamé, and not l-ay-me lame!)

Mmm, kinda hard to see.  Here is right/wrong sides shown together. The fabric came from one of the big chain fabric stores.  Surprise, surprise. I was there just to purchase some patterns. I never find anything that I want to use for making clothes there.  BUT, I learned a trick.  

For some strange reason, the good ones (for making garments) are all on the "Clearance" pile.  I actually found a few things I could use for unbelievably cheap. I found this fabric actually several months ago, but ever since, when I go there I check the clearance pile, and there usually is something I can use. If I go to the regular shelves, I find nothing.  Fine by me~.

Some patterns are drafted very well, and I think this is one of them.  It just works, if you know what I mean.

For the collar band interfacing, I used this expensive stretchy knit interfacing. This cost almost as much as this clearance sweater knit! The fabric is VERY stretchy. 

 Hey, this photo shows the actual fabric color the best. It's more blue like this.

The result was a beautiful neck/collar line.  It was worth the price. The collar feels soft and stretches nicely with the fabric.

As I was finishing, I was thinking that maybe I didn't want to put the interfacing. Maybe  wanted the collar to be floppy, real floppy.  Maybe next time I'll make one without interfacing.  So, I was fiddling with the collar to see if I could make it look not so stiff.  It isn't stiff at all, but it looks "structured" against the rest of the garment.

Then I realized.  This garment can be worn many different ways~!

You're going to have to see this pic again. As the pattern design intended. This way, with the collar band running all the way down.

Or like this.

Add a belt or scarf tie, to make it an instant sweater jacket.

Fold the collar band completely inside, and it looks more like a regular cardigan. I think you can even put buttons on it.

Narrower collar band showing, and add a broach.

The same idea, but even narrower collar up at the top only. It looks more like a tunic, or a half coat.

Wear a scarf under the collar.

Around the neck.

As if that wasn't enough photos, now you get to see me wear it.

Uh. Sorry, bad lighting day, today.

The back view.  Soft and flowy.

Ok, I'm going to play with the collar now.

See? Like this.

It does look like I'm wearing an A-line tunic.

Now, the collar isn't folded.  Just all the way out.

I like this no collar folding business.  It feels more like a real cardigan.

Then, this.  Another tunic-y look.

Or maybe a jacket-y look.

Now the collar is folded inside. Seriously, I may skip the collar, but use half width collar band pattern just to create button bands and put some pretty buttons on.

You like this?

I decided this look isn't for me. It feels like I'm wearing a smoking jacket, or an extremely short bathrobe!!

And the scarf look.  Ok.

Oh, so focusing on the cardigan, I forgot to report that I made another Style Arc Linda Stretch Pants. Here~!

These are so comfy.

Ok, you can see how happy I am with both the cardigan and the pants, but especially the cardigan.  It was easy to put together, very straight-forward and simple. I like the flattering design. I did the petite adjustment as shown on the pattern, and it set the waist right where it needs to be. (Doesn't always happen) Versatile garment, as you can see.

This one really worked. I can see me making v. 2 soon.


  1. It looks you will get plenty of wear out of it , what a great addition to your wardrobe I am going to try this pattern.

  2. I love, love, love, love this cardigan. I'm definitely going to make many more versions of it with different fabric types and weight. I love cardigan to begin with, and I'm very happy to have found this pattern. I look forward to seeing your versions!