Thursday, April 17, 2014

Iconic Patterns Sammy Cami - Camisole That Fits Well, Done.

I had some leftover fabric from my Butterick 5961 Katherine Tilton tunic.

I absolutely love this fabric, and I was glad to find that I had just enough left to make this camisole. 

I went to download this fabulous looking (and FREE) camisole pattern when I saw a RTW Faster sister making one.  It's Sammy Cami from Iconic Patterns.

It's simple, it fits well, it's free. What more can I ask for?!?!

You need a very stretch knit for this pattern. The design is very fitted.  My fabric was just perfect for this.

I cut the size 8 of the pattern, and gave it a 1/2" seam allowance. That worked out perfect for me.  (I normally wear RTW size 4~6 for tops)  I'm afraid my straps are just a tad too long. Well, next time, I'll know to shorten them.

The sewing instructions are minimal, but if you have made a few things, know what to do about neck band, etc., I think you can handle just fine.  The only hard thing was making the straps from this light weight knit fabric. Boy, that took some patience! Otherwise, I could have completed the entire project under 1 hour!  I must have spent a couple of hours just making the straps.  I'm wondering if one of those bias tape makers will work well for knit fabric, and if it will make narrow straps like this.  Does anyone know?

Anyway, lovely design, great simple pattern.  I'm currently trying to rebuild my basic wardrobe, so this pattern will definitely be used again.  Very soon, that is. Well, in fact, every light weight stretchy knit fabric project I have from now on, will probably end up having a sister camisole.

I feel guilty when I find a nice free pattern and I enjoy using it but if I don't buy anything from the source.  I'll look to see what else Iconic Patterns have.... : )


  1. Very pretty! Great job on the straps. My strategy for straps on this kind of thing is to use fold over elastic. Three or four years ago, I bought a mixed lot of it on eBay for around $35, with the result that I have a good bit of yardage in lots of colors. Very handy.

    1. Fold over elastic! Thank you for more sewing wisdom. Love and grateful that more experienced sewist like you are willing to share tips with me. Thank you!