Saturday, April 5, 2014

Simple V-Neck Butterick 6084, Done!


I've been needing to refresh basics in my wardrobe.


So I began paying attention to simple tees and tunics patterns.  This is one of the patterns I found a few months ago.

It's an older pattern (1999) So I wasn't sure if I would like the length and the shape. I did a trial run with a 'scrap' fabric I had.   Was it easy? Yes.  Did it really take just two HOURs as it says on the envelope?  Uh, no. It might have been if someone else cuts the pattern and the fabric, and marks everything for you, and even finishes all the seam allowance raw edges. (yeah, for me, it's never two hours no matter what they claim.)

The neck interfacing was way too wide and would be bulky, so I made the neck interfacing narrower. The length was too short for my taste. But other than that, I really like the way it fit me, and I'm keeping this test shirt as an "around the house" shirt. (I'm not too crazy about the fabric colors and pattern, if you know what I mean...)

Here, the new version on me.  I lengthened it by 4 inches from the original pattern, after taking the petite adjustment as shown on the pattern..

I've been needing to get some simple tops like this to wear for work, under a jacket. I don't like shirts or blouse that much and so I almost always wear a top like this with suit, or under a jacket with pants.


Do you know how difficult it is to find very simple yet stylish pullover RTW tops?  I've been looking high and low for years, and only every once in a while I get lucky and find one.  But usually, nothing I see that I could wear for work, looking professional, and fun at the same time. Comfortable rayon or cotton blend knit tops I see at stores are often either too casual, too frilly or otherwise with design details I don't want for a professional look.

This one, however, I think I can wear under my jacket and coordinates well with black pants, brown pants or even with beige. The fabric is chocolate brown with sage green. I know, it's hard to see the colors in these photos. Rayon/poly light weight knit. Another one from the Expo.

The V-neck opening is just deep enough, not too deep.

I have enough fabric leftover to make another top or summer dress.  I think it screams for a summer dress.

For a more casual look, I think I will use a heavier knit like the one I used for the test run. Easier to sew anyway!

Have a happy weekend!


  1. I like this top. I am also trying to refresh my wardrobe with some basics. I think you have found a go-to pattern for yourself!

    1. Yes, I think so. I'm sure I'll be making at least a few more versions of the pattern! Let me know how your wardrobe refresh is going.

  2. This is a terrific top (both are)! You did a great job modifying the pattern to fit and flatter you!

    1. Thank you! I was rather excited how a simple pattern turned out so nice.