Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Trusty Top Stitch Machine

It's Tami, my Singer 15-91.  My very first vintage sewing machine I acquired last year.

Every time I take her out to sew, she takes my breath away. It's the most beautiful straight stitch I've ever seen. I usually set the stitch length a bit longer for top stitching. It's prettier that way.

I decided to give this project a pink top stitch. It's a black stretch denim. I take Tami out whenever I have some top stitching need. She just is the best. I use my main machine for pretty much everything else, but for top stitching, I rely on Tami 

You just can't go wrong with her. Her motor sound is so quiet and soothing.  

It was truly 'love at first stitch' when I first found her.  She is not cosmetically in perfect condition.  Her lamp shade is missing, there are small chips here and there, though her decals are totally intact.  Bobbin winder does not work - it's probably an easy fix, but I can always wind bobbins on another machine. She was without the bentwood case she probably originally had. But she is so beautiful that I wouldn't want to hide her under the case top cover anyway! She makes the perfect stitch, and I am very much attached to her.  If you missed my "how I met her"story and "How It All Began", please go read the original post here.

I have not tried a buttonhole attachment on her. But I understand she makes beautiful buttonholes, too. I look forward to trying buttonholes with her sometime soon. 

I will soon reveal what exactly I'm making. Wish me luck!

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  1. She is a beautiful machine, and the top stitching is beautiful, too. My mother bought a machine exactly like this in 1947, and I sewed a lot on it growing up. I loved it. I have four vintage machines, and I'm happy with them, but if I got one more, it would one of these.