Monday, January 27, 2014

Darn Vintage Market!

There is a vintage market that is held monthly in my neighborhood in Seattle. It's called Groovy Girlfriends: A Very Vintage Market. It's a sweet little market. Only once a month, so I try to make it there. I LOVE the vintage market. This one is really sweet.

I picked up a few things. 

Darning silk and cotton.
Actually, the boxed cotton spools was a part of the bagful of these little spools as you can see in the photo on top. (Don't ask me what I plan to do with these....) Well, I'm sure I'll use them for something. These old threads sometimes are in bad shape, easy to break. But these were in amazingly good condition. I think I can actually use them.

Buttons! French crystal buttons and pretty little ones 'made in Czechoslovakia', it says. These little buttons look darker color in the photo than actual color. They are sort of dark, brownish green. Very pretty.

More buttons. I actually had three of the black one in my button 'stash'. I was thrilled to find the fourth. The metal ones are fun, too. 

See. Now I have four!

I couldn't leave this one behind. 

Pink and white polka dots!

This one was for a friend who has discovered darning and has been wanting a darning egg to mend her wool socks.  The measuring gauge is for me. Metal on metal, inches and metric measuring.

I learned from the seller that the egg shaped wooden darning thingies are older.

than these mushroom types.  My friend wanted a mushroom.

I went in with a specific budget, and I came out just $1 under my budget!  I'm very happy with my purchases.

The last Saturday of every month. Seattlite, you've got to visit the Groovy Girlfriends' "A Very Vintage Market"! 


  1. This looks like so much fun. When is the next one? I love the buttons and the darning cotton.

  2. It's on the last Saturday of every month. Click on the link in the first paragraph of this post, and you'll be taken to the Groovy Girlfriends site. You can also zoom in on the post card photo, and can see all the dates through June this year. It really is a fun and sweet vintage market. If you go, and if you see me, please say hi! I'll be there!!