Friday, January 3, 2014

Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Better: Quick and Easy Costume Makeover

Happy New Year!

The song title is actually, "Anything YOU can do I can do better". But I don't mean to compete with anyone. I only have myself to compete or challenge with, if at all. Just to better myself. I want to sew better. I want to sew faster. I want to stay on track with my sewing project better this year. So, when I was thinking about that, I was reminded of the song, "Anything I You Can Do I Can Do Better" and this little project I did back in summer of 2013.

My son and I both do music. Separately for the most part. Yet, this past summer, we had the opportunity to do a duet. We were asked to sing together. I was certain my teenage son would say, "Are you out of your mind, mother?!?!" However, his answer -- "Sure."

Anyhow. I had just found this gorgeous black/green lame vintage suit and so I planned to wear it for the show. We needed a matching something for my son's costume.  Men's stage costumes are tricky. What do you do?! Ties. Different colors of ties. That's about it.  I went looking for a tie that would match my vintage suit.  I couldn't find any.... I thought about making one, but couldn't find an appropriate fabric for it either. I was getting desperate.

Just the night before the show, I found a green tie at a local Goodwill.  But it wasn't flashy enough.  At the same store, I found a green pillow case with sequins pattern. Heeeeyy!

The sequins area of the pillow case was just barely long enough for the front of the tie.  Just cut it up and I hand sewed it on to the tie.

How is that, matching with my vintage suit??

Well, I'm a happy, lucky, and proud mama. I didn't think I would be dueting with my son!

Wishing you the very best of everything, most of all, a healthy and happy new year! 

Oh, and here is the duet!



  1. Well, first of all, I love what you did with the tie, but I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED your song! Amazing! Where did you do that? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! It was at the Center for Spiritual Living in Seattle. Making the tie and doing the duet were both fun!

  2. That's a very clever way to make a tie more flashy. You are honored to sing with your son....and make a memory to last forever.

    1. Indeed. I feel very blessed that my teenage son is cool enough to say yes to performing together. We've done another duet since then! Lucky me. Thank you for stopping by!