Friday, January 31, 2014

McCall 6841 Drapey, Flowy Top, Done.

There's nothing Urban Recyclist about this top. New fabric, new pattern. That's how I roll sometimes.  That's why I'm an "urban" recyclist, and not a purist.

I found the fabric that was perfect for this top. Rayon/Poyl/Lycra blend knit. It's pretty with a little shimmery gold tone on the right side of the fabric. The actual color of fabric is, mmmm, pretty close but somewhere in between these two pictures below and the finished pictures.

The only thing was that it was a very stretchy and very thin knit and that I knew it wasn't going to be easy to handle. Bhhhhhuuutttt, I didn't anticipate it to be THAT hard to handle just to lay on a flat surface to cut! The pattern consists of just  two large pieces. So the fabric absolutely had to lay neatly flat on a huge surface, in double layer. I think I spent more time laying out the fabric and pattern and cut the fabric than actually sewing it.

Here is the back collar. The fabric was tricky to sew. I really felt the need for a walking foot.  I have a Singer walking foot, but I was using my Bernina 1230, and I don't have a walking foot for her (yet.... the price tag......!!). The last time I sew knit on her, it was just fine. Then again, that knit fabric was a bit thicker and more stable. I did carefully chose the needle, but that wasn't enough.

This top has dolman sleeves.

This fabric is feather light. Feels so soft on my skin. It is quite comfortable. I love the way the fabric drapes and forms the neckline. Again, the stitch on this knit didn't come out completely right. Oh, well. Still wearable, and I'm just going to move on! I did have to raise the neckline for about 2".

See the hem pucker?  In retrospect, I could have left it unfinished. The fabric doesn't fray or roll. I did have to chop off a good chunk on the hem because it was way too long for me. I shortened it as much as possible without sacrificing the draping design.

Next time I make this, I'll make the sleeves just a tiny bit longer. I like it that way. Because the sleeves were barely long enough for me, I decided to leave it unfinished -- which was the right decision!
I've done something brave. I've joined the 2014 RTW (Ready-To-Wear = store bought clothes) Fast movement initiated by Sarah of Goodbye Valentino.  I thought it would be a great way for me to make a commitment to sew garments regularly (otherwise, you know, I love free flowing, easygoing, improv sewing - not that there is anything wrong with improv sewing. I just want to improve my garment making skills.)

I was inspired by a fellow RTW faster's project and immediately decided that I wanted to make one myself. McCall 6841. (Copy ca~t. It's ok, as long as I'm sewing)  This was an easy sewing - except for the fabric I chose made it difficult.

Anyway, I love the feel and the look of it.  It's a very forgiving design in terms of fit. I'd like to make one again with a different, easier-to-sew, fabric next time.

But for now, I like the one I made.


  1. Very nice! It looks good on you!

    1. Thank you! I had a bedhead and no makeup. So no face shot on this one...