Saturday, February 1, 2014

Vintage Binge

A sweet little sewing box, isn't it? My recent Craigslist find. Of course, I wasn't looking for one. I just typed "sewing" in the search box and this popped up for me. What can I do?! 

Within a few miles and half an hour later, it made it home to my sewing room. Happy birthday to me, as I officially enter into my Birthday Month.

Here is the back view. It's on little delicate wheels, and it is super light.

It opens up like this. 

Just a few little scratches here, but overall in great shape.

I love the clean and simple design of many European made furniture.

My Internet search resulted in "Mid century teak Danish Sewing Box" from 60's~70's. There is a label on the bottom of this box.  At any rate, I just think this is very sweet. <3

Then there are these that found me when I walked into a thrift store, looking for a big white sheet as my son needed a toga robe type costume as he was playing Sophocles at his school's mock trial. (Yes, I found a king size white sheet.)

Wow! All these (minus the men's shirt pattern) are right about my size. I've found a stack like this before and I've taken them home although they were not exactly my size. 

This time, whoever had these patterns was about the same size as I am!

This skirt looks so sweet. (ok, I know, I'm overusing this word today, but sweet is sweet.) I'd love to make one for me very soon.

As soon as I got home, I opened them all up to see if all pieces were intact. They ALL were. Some were not even ever unfolded and used.

However, there were two that didn't have the instructions. This blouse pattern is one.

Mmmmm, I'd love to make this suit. But I don't think I'm experienced enough to be able to sew a jacket like this without a guide. Maybe save this for someday when my skills are better. 

Lovely dress with wrap skirt.

Even a night gown pattern. 

This, I may try for my son. He likes this sort of style, very basic, casual and boxy manly shirt. 

I've always been interested in vintage patterns, but I have never used one. The tissues of these patterns have no writings on it. The pieces are hole punched with alphabets for organization and all the marks are made on the tissues with little holes punched out. 

Have you ever sewn a vintage pattern? How did you like it?  I'm looking forward to trying some soon!

It wasn't my binging. It's these vintage items who want to keep finding me. Really. 

I'm aaaaaalmost done with a knitting project. Can't wait to finish it~! But you know, the last 10% is the hardest and seems to take the longest. I'm in the homestretch now.  Just a liiii~ttle sneak peek here. 


  1. I love your sewing box! I think it is called a Syskrin (translated from Norway and Sweden).

    1. Thanks! I haven't filled the sewing box yet. It just sits quietly in my sewing room waiting to be put to use. How will I use thee......?

  2. I have never used a vintage pattern, but I think the dress styles from the 40's are just fabulous. You found some great patterns, and the sewing box is wonderful. I've never seen one like that. It's a real treasure!

    1. I am so looking forward to trying out these patterns! I hope to be able to report a result here soon.