Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Groovy Girlfriends Vintage Market

I like many things vintage, but I am naturally drawn to the vendors that sell sewing related things here.  I noticed this vendor for the first time. Her packaging was beautiful, the display was so pretty.

Buttons! It was a miracle that I didn't buy any buttons today, mostly because I already have quite a few buttons and if I was going to buy buttons I wanted them for a specific purpose. So, I'll wait until I sew something that requires buttons.
Do you notice the little green Betsy Rose toy sewing machine?? They were meant for children and are considered toys, but they make chain stitch and some collect them. I'd LOVE to collect them and I'm always on a look out for a reasonably priced toy sewing machines in good condition.

She had another one.  I passed on both as they were a bit beyond my budget, and weren't in that good of a condition. The vendor didn't even know if they were functional. They probably are - my guess.

Here is one of my favorite vendors. He has LOTS of buttons, and some other sewing related things. I bought a box of tailor's chalks (last month, I actually saw this but didn't buy, so I was happy to see that he still had it!) and a seam ripper/tweezers combo thingie from him today. I think I'm set for tailor's chalks for a long while!

Look at that. Pretty clever. There is a sliding switch on the side of this casing and you can slide it back and forth to get either the seam ripper or the tweezers. I've always thought something like this would be so handy, but I'd never seen one until today. Not sure if the seam ripper is sharp enough, but I like the idea and I can definitely use the tweezers.
And, this pretty ring. Was a whooping $1! Fun - yes?!

And that's all I bought today at the Groovy Girlfriends' Vintage Market. Certainly unusual that I came home with some change in my pocket!

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