Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Pfaff 30 ~ Pamela ~

You never know what follows you home makes its way into your home. 

I'm part of the Seattle freecycle community. I think it's a fantastic system. Though I don't look at it every single day, once in a while I receive something, and I give something.

On a Friday afternoon I happen to notice an email notification of a freecycler's post that said "antique sewing machine". Not a lot of info besides the power cord being missing, and that the cabinet needs refinishing. Didn't say what kind, how old. No photos. 

It says "antique", so it must be old. That's a good sign. (Then again, I've seen something from the 70s labeled as "antique" before.)  I don't really want machines in cabinet as I don't really have room for that (really),  and if I ever get one in cabinet, I won't have the heart to separate the machine from the cabinet. 

Well. I hesitated for five seconds, then I emailed the freecycler, asking for a photo.  This is what I received. 

It's a Pfaff 30!!

Needless to say, I emailed right back, frustrated that their phone number wasn't disclosed in the email, "I would like it!!!! When can I pick up?????"

A few hours later, when it started to snow a little, I drove all of 5 minutes to pick it up. Turns out, this young couple hauled it all the way from Chicago to Seattle, losing the power cord during the move.  It got loaded into my car by the couple, and I was ready to go. Didn't even look inside.

I did ask as I was leaving, "so, any attachments? accessories?" The guy said, "no. sorry. just this".  "That's ok. Thank you.", I said, and I drove off.

Brought it home, into my sewing room. This, I think, is what you call a blonde cabinet. The top surface has water damage, and if you are into having perfect looking furniture, and consider this sewing machine cabinet as a piece of furniture, you'd need to refinish it.  Me? As long as it is clean and it is functional as a sewing machine cabinet, that's all I ask for. I'm more interested in the machine itself.

I promptly opened it up. Yup, she is there.
Look what I found. See the brown box on the right side?
Ah ha! A box of goodies!

The brown metal Pfaff box contained all pictured here.  Several presser feet! Even a spare belt in the original Pfaff paper bag. Actually, the belt that is on the machine now looks newer. So, maybe this black one was the original belt.

These are the photos taken immediately upon getting her home. No cleaning yet.

Interesting pattern on the handwheel center.
Looking pretty clean. Doesn't look like the machine was used much.

German made, as we know.

The motor says made in USA -- can't see in the photo here but it also says "designed for Pfaff" just above the red logo. It's 1.3 amp. Pretty powerful.  I believe my Singer 15-91 is only 0.5 amp, in comparison.  This is probably the most powerful sewing machine I have in my collection.  I'm looking forward to trying her out on thick materials, such as denim jean seams. I don't have the need to sew leather at the moment, but every now and then I wish I had a bit stronger machine when I do mending of a handbag and such.

Solid looking decals intact.

So, the only thing missing is the power cord. Rather important! It's controlled by a knee lever so that I need the power cord that plugs into the machine here (in the photo below) and to the outlet.

A little research on the Internet resulted that it is the same plug as the Pfaff 130.  (Well, I hope so.... because) I found this one listed on eBay, sold by Sharp Sewing Supplies for just $15 inclusive of shipment. It's just a non-OEM, non-original cord, which is just fine with me for an electrical cord. I ordered it, of course.

Now I'm going to have to just do some light dusting and oiling to get her ready for the power cord to arrive so I can test and sew on her.  Pretty excited.  This machine doesn't just satisfy my vintage sewing machine collection needs, it will actually fulfill some purpose and needs - heavy material sewing!

The cabinet door opens to reveal a bobbin access hole!

Anyone out there owns this model of Pfaff? Just a straight stitch machine, but what do you think? Do you like it? Do you use it?

I will soon be able to report to you how she actually performs.  (I promise. I will soon have another post on her.) You just never know where these pretty and strong girls are hiding.  Just around the corner from your house! 

Oh, by the way, her name is Pamela.


  1. Replies
    1. Yes! I do hope she performs as well as the way she looks. Crossing my fingers that the motor and everything else will move with ease.

  2. What an amazing score!!! I have a 130, but I do love the purity of the design and function of the 30. Just can't wait to see what you think of her when the cord arrives. The cabinet is gorgeous as well. I am blown away by your good fortune!

    1. It was a lucky Valentine & birthday find. Thank you very much!
      Do you use your 130? Is that your main machine, or do you only use it for specific purposes?

  3. Oh.. you are so lucky! It is a beauty.

    1. Still waiting for the power cord that I ordered to arrive.....