Monday, February 3, 2014

Periwinkle "Estelle" Cardi, Done

OMG, it is finally done.

I mainly knit only when I have to have the privilege to wait. Doctor's appointment, my son's guitar lesson, at the airport, etc. So it usually takes forever for me to finish a decent size knitting project. But I am NEVER frustrated when I have to wait so as long as I have my knitting project with me. Love waiting!

I started this project back in November, 2013. This was the first top down cardigan I've ever knit.  In fact, I didn't even know there was such method. I LOVE this method. It makes good sense to me. You only need to cast on a small number of stitches to begin with, you can try on as you knit and see how long you want your piece to be.

The lace pattern was fun to do.

I found the pattern on Ravelry (what a great resource for knitters) and bought it from here.

The finishing took some time. Isn't it always the case?! It is 98% done, and then the long, long homestretch begins. First, I couldn't decide how long the sleeves should be. I must have undone and redone at least three times on each sleeve!

I decided to put a pretty ribbon button band. Found just the thing at a nearby fabric store, Pacific Fabrics!

Color matchy thread found in my cool (vs. warm) color threads bin. 

Pin the ribbon on the button side first. 

Found the perfect buttons in my vintage button stash. They photographed more yellow than the actual color. They are plastic, and they are more clear than yellow in color. 

Line both sides up and mark where buttons should be against the already knitted buttonhole.

Sewed  the buttons on through the ribbon button band. Now pin another ribbon strip on the buttonhole side. 

Uh oh. I must not have been paying close attention when blocking. The buttonhole side is slightly longer than the button side!! The ribbon band is already sewn on the button side so the knitted material can no longer be stretched and manipulated. I decided to steam shrink the buttonhole side just a tiny bit. Now the difference is hardly noticeable. If you examine it closely, you can tell. Otherwise, fine. So, stand back! (I'm not going to undo the sewn buttons and the hand-stitched ribbon!!) 

Now make buttonholes on the ribbon. Once I marked where each buttonhole should be, unpin the ribbon. Go to a sewing machine. I'm going with a lighter lavender color thread for buttonholes. 

Hey, whoa. The ribbon was barely wide enough. The buttons are small in diameter but they are chunky fat! (By the way, thanks to my Bernina 1230 automatic buttonholes. M.E.M.O.R.Y!)

The embroidery scissors Wadiyah from the Rocketeer date gave me came in handy in snipping off little thread ends off buttonholes. 

Wow. One issue. The back of the ribbon is white. I also used white bobbin thread to match the color of the back of the ribbon.  What was I thinking?! The bright white shows through the knitted buttonhole of the cardi which is periwinkle purple in color.  Well.  The answer was a purple sharpie. Love sharpies!

See. Now hardly visible. 

There. It's all done!

I finished this on the Super Bowl Sunday morning and wore it to a Super Bowl Party. (Although I was supposed to wear blue and green for our Seattle Seahawkes - now the champion!!!) 

I really love the cardi! Yeah, Go Seahawkes!


  1. Oh, it is simply superb--color, fit, button band, workmanship. I love it. Right with you on the waiting: I am always happy for some wait time, as long as I have a project or a book.

    1. I know, I love the color! The color on some of the photos don't represent the actual color, but it's the darker one that's pretty close to the actual color. Can't believe I actually had the yarn in my stash for ten years!! Glad that I was finally able to use it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Gorgeous! Love the color, and the Sharpie trick is genius!

  3. I love this! Might try one after I knit some of my other projects! I am like you... it takes forever to finish something because I only knit when I have to do something else.