Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Style Arc Susan Top, Done.

I quite like it. It was very simple. I used size 6 - turned out it's very fitted. If it's RTW, I'm a size 4 ~6 petite. My hip is on the size 6 side, and waist and up is size 4. I'm 5'1", so everything is toooo long for me. But I didn't make any length adjustments on this pattern and it is perfect for me. The fabric I used is rayon/poly knit, on the thin side but not too bad. Wasn't difficult to handle.

I love the scoop neckline.

Here is how it lays on me.  No make-up, no head shot!

I serged the seam on the neckline, so the seam allowance was rather narrow. But it pressed easily and nicely. Faux coverstitch on the neckline. My serger doesn't have a coverstitch function. I simply stitched twice, paying careful attention to sew the second stitch as close to a clean parallel to the first stitch as possible.

The side seams lined up pretty well!

I really love the design.

After two knitting projects in a row I recently finished, I was definitely ready for sewing.

I can't wait for the remote control for my phone camera to arrive. I ordered it almost two weeks ago, and it's still not here! (ooooo, bad lighting here...)

This was the last bit of stitching before the garment was completely finished.

Lavender colored thread. Again, faux coverstitch finish.

Oh, here is the shrink test I do. Unless I'm sewing something that has high cotton content, and I'm quite confident the shrinkage is close to none, I don't preshrink fabrics. I want to enjoy the new and crisp fabric feel at least for the first time I wear the garments I make! So, here is my compromised solution.  This fabric I used was 50/50 rayon and polyester with just a little bit of lycra.  I was pretty confident it wasn't going to shrink if I washed in cold water, and line dried.  I was, however, curious how it did in the washer and dryer. So this is what I do. I cut a small piece of fabric from the scrap ends and measured the dimensions. In this example below, it was 4" x 4". I also cut another piece, and sewed a little on it. I put both in the washer and dryer to test.  No shrinkage. Washed and dried beautifully! Now I know I can safely put this top in the dryer.   I usually do the test before I cut the fabric. If there is shrinkage, then I'd put the entire fabric in the wash/dry to preshrink before I cut it.

Here is my Micky modeling the Susan top.

Ooo! It's comfy and I like it!

This is a very nice basic long sleeve tee shirt. Extremely easy and quick to make. I think I will make a few more in different colors to add to my wardrobe. Happy sewing, everyone!


  1. I like this top very much. The fit and fabric look great. I have the pattern but haven't made it. Thanks for posting details of the project. Look forward to seeing other versions!

  2. Yeah, it's a great basic long sleeve tee. I'm sure I'll make many more versions of it. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I was curious about this pattern, good to hear you liked it. It is a great wardrobe builder. I need more things like this in my closet.