Saturday, February 22, 2014

McCall 6841 v. 2 Pink

I basically love this pattern. I'm also discovering how tricky it is to choose just the right kind of fabric for this drapey design.  My first version was made with rayon/poly jersey knit which was so thin, and it was difficult to handle. So, I wanted to make it with a bit thicker fabric.

I chose this magenta pink knit. Appropriately finished right before Valentine's Day. This fabric came from my friend's late mother. I don't know the exact fabric content. Definitely a stretch knit. It feels like it has a little wool, and synthetic material. It's definitely more stable than the rayon jersey knit I used before, but it isn't as thick as sweatshirt weight.  Especially since I couldn't confirm the fabric content, I did my usual swatch wash test before I cut the fabric.  It came out without any shrinkage from washer/dryer.  So, I guess its wool content is very low and it's mostly polyester.

I usually use my main machine for sewing garments, but since I knew I either didn't have to finish seams or I'd serge them, I took out my Featherweight, Esther for this project! Just a straight stitch machine was all I needed.  Giving my main machine, Bernina 1230 a little break.

Since it was an easy fabric to handle, it went very quickly.  Soooooo, here is the learning moment. The fabric, this time, was a bit too thick (ugh!) so that the drapey design could appear rather stiff depending on the angle.

Like here.  See?

Mmmmm. What do you think? Do I look like I'm going to carry a baby in this built-in sling?!

It is still very wearable.

Love the dolman sleeves.  But I forgot to make them longer! I'd like the sleeve length to be just a bit longer, maybe by 1, even 2 inches. Well, NEXT TIME! 

This garment is made of only two pieces of pattern. A front and a back. With the drapey design, the front is a very large piece and it is hard to see where the sleeves are on the pattern piece. (Really. At least to me. It's like a gigantic puzzle piece!)

So, this leaves me with the feeling of wanting to make yet another one ~! Until I get it right -- picking the right weight fabric for this design, so the finished garment will truly shine.

I like the top. I wore it on the Valentine's Day Eve. 

Besides, I got to have a sewing date with Esther, my Singer Featherweight 221-K.

Experienced garments sewers out there, share with me your secrets, tips and wisdom on how to pick the right fabric for the design you are sewing--?


  1. I love the color. I think it is wearable and you got to play with your new featherweight, I would call it a success.

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! I'll just keep on making them until I get it right!

  2. Hahaha! This post came up when I tried to search your blog for your baby sling pattern. I love this top on you, by the way!

    1. LOL, took me a while to realize what you meant by your comment! This pink top's "sling" is barely big enough for a kitten!